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Many have asked me why I made a website and not followed others in making Facebook pages, the answer to this is simple. On facebook style pages the information and data scrolls down as each new entry is made, gradually it is scrolled so far down, or is even deleted, and then it is impossible to find the same information again, 

I wanted to provide the information in a static form, where users can rely on it always being in the same place and at hand when needed, without having to search endlessly for where it has now gone.


Before the Mobile and Internet age, most households had both local telephone directories and local advertising directories to find out local contact information of services on offer. There were also 'Pink Cards', A4 size printed advertising sheets that were put through your door which displayed local numbers to businesses in the area, but all these have now ceased to exist.

I wanted to not only replace these and once again provide the information you need close to hand, but also to greatly improve on them, and have something that is easy to access whether at home, at work, or outside in the street, and with much more than just telephone numbers. Woo has quick and simple access to Emergency information and contact numbers of the services you may need in a hurry, such as Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, Schools, along with numbers of other services that you may need quickly such as plumbers or electricians.

I wanted the tools we often need together in a place we know we can find them, So WOO has many useful tools such as converters and calculators, always at hand in it's 'Useful Desktop Tools Menu.

The webpages go much further than the old printed directories, they utilise videos and pictures, and nearly everything you see on screen is a clickable link that will give you even further information, Click on a name and it will take you directly to the contact number or even to a website.

Coming from a Heath orientated background, I was aware that sometimes those with problems or issues do not know where to turn to, unaware that there is a lot of help and assistance available. WOO was the right place to discreetly guide them to it, hopefully being a first step in finding the support they need to help begin a recovery.

The WOO Portal is not just a simple list of information, it is a place to trust,
it is an experience, it is a place to go to, and a place to be involved.

There are links to a wide range of topics, from Health, Safety, Personal well-being, to special sections that enable you to access TV or Radio.  Others cover hobbies, or offer advice and help, some even show you how to do things by video.

But in creating this useful site, and as a computer user myself, I was aware that people are wary of opening websites, and they do not want to download memory hungry 'apps' or use up valuable computer or device disk space. So I decided to create it as a website, safe and accessible to all.
Not requiring Logon information, email addresses or passwords, and not saving any personal information that others use to flood you with advertising or phone calls. Nothing is ever downloaded to your device, no cookies, no hidden programs or nasty viruses. 

The only thing I suggest, is giving the user the option of creating just a small (2kb) shortcut on their desktop, or saving the website address to their browsers favourites list or bookmarks, to instantly bring the site and information to view when it is needed.

WOO is optimised for and best used on a computer, although it works on any device.
With buttons to press for the many links, a larger screen makes it easier to use.

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Some of the content and especially the videos used in the creation of the site, was made, and is owned by others. Woo takes no credit for this, and all credit is given to the original creators.
WOO tries to ensure the information is always accurate and up to date, but in the case of third-party content can not guarantee it.


Originally designed for just one local town, by request Woo soon grew to cover eight towns in Mid-Wales. Over the following years I began to add further sections of interest, and found that this was drawing attention from a much wider area, I was receiving messages and requests from all over the world, including US Universities and colleges that began using my information as recommended reading material for their students.
The wide range of information that I was collating was applicable to everyone, not just those in Mid-Wales, so I decided to change Woo's goals. I still wanted to retain the original local information, so I made this into one of my 'Special Sections'. But the other Special Sections became non-geographic, and open to all.


To keep Woo always to hand and save having to search for your town, create a tiny (2kb) shortcut on your desktop. First go to the menu page for your nearest town, highlight and copy the full address shown in the address bar at the top of the page, then using the right mouse button click on a blank area of your desktop and choose 'New' and then 'shortcut'. Use the right button to click in the box, and Paste in the copied address, press OK. Another box will open for you to name your shortcut eg 'Woo', then press OK again. Tuck this new icon away in the corner of your screen and you will have instant access to your own local information at a click of the icon. Alternatively, goto the menu page of your town and click to add it to your list of Favourite's / Bookmarks.


Woo fully supports mental health, not just on Mental Health Week, but all year round.


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