Advertising on the WOO website places your adverts directly into the towns you choose.

Your adverts appear on multiple pages enabling you to gain the widest attention.

WOO can give you new styles of advertising, including animations that attract the eye.

All adverts can be directly linked to your own website or website of your choice.


Apart from offering advert space WOO also offers businesses the chance to sponsor one of its many special sections. For those who do sponsor a section each page will show who has sponsored in the header, and a full width advert will appear at the bottom.

Choose a section that matches your business, there are many to choose from, they are forever expanding with new information and new ones appearing all the time.


To simplify things WOO sells you an advert space on the individual towns advertisers page, this rectangle is approximately a twelfth of the display page, although it is possible to purchase additional adjoining blocks to increase the  adverts size / shape.

For each advertiser purchasing the above space, additional adverts will also be placed on a variety of pages pertaining to that individual town, these additional adverts may vary in size and shape.

The main advert will be on the 'List of Advertisers' page. additional adverts will appear on:-

'Information Page' : 'Visitor Page' : 'Local Events Page'

Four views for the price of one !


Traditional newspaper advertising has always been sold by the inch, relating to the physical size of the advert on the printed page. But with 'Digital' displays the display sizes can vary greatly, and the actual physical size is dependant on a variety of factors :-

Type of device used, size of display screen, choice of browser, browser magnification settings.

WOO was designed to be best viewed on a desktop computer, most of which now have screens in excess of 22", but can be viewed on Laptops, Tablets, or Smartphones.

Although the actual size ratio of an advert remains the same on a page, if the image is viewed on a small screen such as a mobile telephone it will be considerably smaller, where if viewed on a large 42"+ Smart TV it will appear much bigger. 

Unable to charge 'per inch', WOO sells advertising space more relevent to digital displays as a percentage of the visible screen. The main advertisers listing for each town uses a 3 x 4 grid each box giving approximately a twelfth of the displays visible screen.


Although at the moment only covering several small towns in the Mid-Wales area, Woo is currently getting around 100 - 140 views per day (January 2019 figures shown). This amazing figure is growing fast, and is expected to grow even more as the number of towns covered increases.



The main advertiser Listing Page is divided into 12 blocks.


The Information Page has a advert column on the right side using approximately 1/4 of display area.


The Events Page has a advert column on the right side using approximately 1/4 of display area.


The Visitor Information Page has  2 columns, one on each side using approximately 2/4 of display area.


Movement and colour attracts the eyes and gains attention, so why not make your advert stand out from the others by adding a small GIF animation. If you can supply suitable animations in GIF format, these can be included into your advert.

Watch the WOO Video

Describing WOO in a few words is not easy, the best way to find out how useful WOO can be is to explore it and see.


General Data Protection Regulation.

WOO ensures that only the minimum information is recorded and stored safely, this will include the necessary Customer Data for those paying for advertising which includes :-

Business name, business address, contact name, business phone number, business email address, dates of advertisement periods and dates of payments.

No other personal information will be stored, and no information will be shared with other companies.

WOO's Ethos & Values.

WOO wishes to be as environmentally friendly as possible, by reducing the use and need of paper leaflets and directories. And by promoting recycling ideas and practices.

WOO wishes to give back to the commuinity, by providing the helpful information they may need all in one place, by creating awareness of local events, and involving the local community with its specialist sections of interest.

WOO wishes to be non-political, unbiased and non-disciminatory.

WOO wants to promote local businesses, groups, individuals and events. Promoting not only the town itself but Wales as a whole, showing off our beautiful scenery, many interesting places, extroadinary talent, heritage, history and it's culture.

It also wishes to support where possible the many worthy charities and non-profit making groups, that give so much to our local communities and who make us proud to live in Wales. By providing free advertising space to help promote awareness.


I started WOO as a personal project and with just one town in mind, Welshpool the town where I live. The original site over its years of development had many rewrites and style changes. Many new ideas were added and tried out and gradually it took its current form.

I was soon approached by other viewers asking if their town could also be included, soon Newtown was added and then later followed by others. The interest grew and I had to decide on where I would take it to in the future.

Woo is growing all the time, and many more new towns will be added once all the research into each town has been done.  Wales has many county boundaries so to simpify things I had to split Wales into the five zones shown below, sometimes the information will overlap and towns on the imaginary borders will appear in two or more zones.

I will concentrate on one zone at a time starting with 'Mid-Wales', and gradually expand to cover the other four zones.

Who knows, as time goes by and with a little assistance from others, maybe WOO will grow to cover the whole of the UK.